Web reads: Perfection

Mr. Gentleman – a man with a midas touch series three titled “perfection”

Perfection rings a bell dong! dong!!. Being perfect is a self vision and to be willing to be perfect is a self decision.

Now sitting before a desk and my notebook placed on it, I begin to type my inspiration.

My desire to be a man with a midas touch was born out of vision. I made this vision my decision and to activate this, I step up to being perfect. There is a saying that goes, “no one is perfect”.

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Life is one big fight

To live is to fight. I don’t mean brutality but believe. When I say life is one big fight, I mean to keep on living the dreams, living the visions despite all odds; never to give up no matter the scars.

In the lyrics of Tatiana Manaios song “life is one big fight” motivates a lot equally.

Of course, they will be challenges on the way of success, they will be discouragements from peers and even families etc., fear will come but never run from your fears for running will never get you anywhere; Rather, let your fears run from you.

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Sermon: God will remember you

In Soteria Bible Church, Calabar, the tarry night of 16th of June 2017 was great. Two pastors came around alongside the host pastor – Prophet Augustine Ubah. Their prophetic ministrations “prophecy forth tell” through the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth were life changing. The host by the unction of the Holy Spirit in which he functions revealed the word of God “prophecy fore tell” through the Name of Jesus Christ. God used him mightily again.

The word: Jeremiah 29:10-11. Study it and let’s begin …..

Have you studied it? OK. if you have? Then meditate and continue reading what the Lord is saying using His Prophet.

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