My relationship will make you live your heart desires


It is I, your fave blogger, Franklyn. I bring to you my relationship in pictures which will make you live your heart desires, I mean your dreams.

We are the MaryKlyn, that is, MaryAnn and Franklyn, your fave relationship couple. I believe soonest I will walk with her down the aisle by God’s grace. So sweet! ❤

I hope this blog inspires you in your relationship and show you how to treat your king or queen.

Viola! Here are the pictures. Sweet memories ❤

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The day I met her

This is the love story of my life of how I met a beautiful lady by name MaryAnn.

The day I met her started when I saw her in church. That was just an admiration. I admired her.

This admiration grew to a like.

Though I wasn’t steady because I was a university student out of the town she resided. I see her only when I’m in town. I didn’t had her contact. She was not aware of my admiration for her. I didn’t tell her then.

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