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Do not be deceived, God’s not dead

When you study the scriptures that has to do with Eve and the serpent, you will find out that Eve was very close to the serpent. They were like pals. And this was how satan used the serpent to deceive Eve.

Be careful of the people you associate with, who tells you God is wicked or God is not worth a Father or God is dead or God is not the Creator of the universe or God don’t love the world.

Be very careful.

Beware of fake friends. They come to deceive and destroy.

Do not be deceived, God’s not dead. He’s surely alive and He reigns forever and ever.

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You have to be responsible for once and stop hopping from person to person

As adults, start developing your mind for something responsible for once.

Why do you still involve in hopping from person to person in the name of I am in a relationship?

You give yourself prestige that you are a bad guy or bad girl. Such prestige is false. Stop playing games and be matured.

Maturity is on the mind. A twenty five year old man or woman who cannot be matured, still playing games is not worth matured. Such a person is kiddy.

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Web reads: Mr Gentleman – a man with a midas touch


To my family for their love and support towards my life and also to my gift eyare ji, Chinenye, you are indeed a gift for me.


I thank the Lord Almighty whom I called Omni Creative God for endowing me with creativity. My parents, Chief and Mrs. Augustine Akam, thanks with love for your parental support; my prophet my profit and his beloveth wife, prophet and Mrs. Augustine Ubah, thanks so much, you are indeed inspiring; Dr. Augustine Kachua, you are indeed like a father to me, thanks a lot, I appreciate; To my siblings, thanks a lot, you guys are wonderful; Creative squad, director loves you all, Thanks a million; Cousins,

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