Why I made a life vow to be an exceptional man

I am not perfect but by the help of the Holy Spirit, I am perfect.

A gentleman is a purpose driven man.

Not all men are gentlemen but all gentlemen are purpose driven.

I decided to be a gentleman.

The scripture in Matthew 22 verse 14 says, “many are called but few are chosen”.

Also in Exodus 23 verse 2, it says, “do not follow the multitude to do wrong”.

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Web reads: Perfection

Mr. Gentleman – a man with a midas touch series three titled “perfection”

Perfection rings a bell dong! dong!!. Being perfect is a self vision and to be willing to be perfect is a self decision.

Now sitting before a desk and my notebook placed on it, I begin to type my inspiration.

My desire to be a man with a midas touch was born out of vision. I made this vision my decision and to activate this, I step up to being perfect. There is a saying that goes, “no one is perfect”.

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Web reads: Who Am I?

Mr. Gentleman – a man with a midas touch series two titled “who am I?”

Hi, is me again, Mr Gentleman; A name given to me by my father. I am an adult now and I came to know that bearing Gentleman as a name does not qualify me to be gentle nor a man with a midas touch. To be any of these written in italics, I need to work it out and thus I started the preparatory course.

During the moonlight on a wednesday, I sat outside thinking and desiring to be a gentleman, a man that I define to be a man with a midas touch. First of all, I came to understand that being a gentleman is a choice. Men are created but not all ever desire to be a gentleman. This made me to re-surf the meaning of gentleman in the dictionary, a well-bred, well mannered or charming man. Charming is not the only thing that counts because if the charming is negative, is not worth the best. A gentleman should be equip with morals, intellects, good atitude, skills, potentials, entrepreneurial spirit, faith, prayerful life and above all, love. All of these, I thought about and I ask myself, Who am I ?!?.

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Web reads: Labour day

Mr. Gentleman – a man with a midas touch series one titled “labour day”

Hi, I’m Mr gentleman, and this was how it all started. It was exactly 3:30am on tuesday when I gave my mother a sign; get ready mum, I’m about to come out. She was in labour. She screamed out loud and it shook my father to his wake. My father realising that his wife is in labour, quickly jumped off the bed like a kangaroo, took the car key, raise my mother up, left the bedroom, kept on coddling her and my gentle self was inside smiling and I exclaimed, wow!. I wish they heard me! At this point, my father helped my mother into the car, and he drove out speedily heading to St. James Hospital as if they were chased.

My dear, don’t worry you will be okay soon, we are almost there, just hold on, just hold on, my father said continually as she breathed heavily.

We have arrived! My father said.

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Web reads: Mr Gentleman – a man with a midas touch


To my family for their love and support towards my life and also to my gift eyare ji, Chinenye, you are indeed a gift for me.


I thank the Lord Almighty whom I called Omni Creative God for endowing me with creativity. My parents, Chief and Mrs. Augustine Akam, thanks with love for your parental support; my prophet my profit and his beloveth wife, prophet and Mrs. Augustine Ubah, thanks so much, you are indeed inspiring; Dr. Augustine Kachua, you are indeed like a father to me, thanks a lot, I appreciate; To my siblings, thanks a lot, you guys are wonderful; Creative squad, director loves you all, Thanks a million; Cousins,

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Web reads: Mr Gentleman – a man with a midas touch

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written by Franklyn Akam

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