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Chasing The Winds: 10 Minutes Temptation Of Franklyn Akam

Today, I’m going to be driving your minds to something that is victimizing many persons in the world today and that’s fear. The fear of “I can’t do it”. Many persons are in this trouble but today I really want to ignite with this piece so that they will examine themselves and believe in themselves that they can really do it. Some persons today are suffering from the number one self dream killer which is fear. Fear has overwhelm them to the extent that nothing is possible again; but, I want to ignite such persons with this piece “I can do it”. let me share this piece with you. My story today been Thursday – 13th July, 2017.

Hmm… After the night prayers of Wednesday – 12th July, 2017 through to the early morning hours of Thursday in church stated above underlined heading, i slept and woke up – the bright morning of Thursday earlier stated. i got ready to go home but ended in a conversation outside the church auditorium with two guys, my fellow brethren. we discussed for about 20 – 30 minutes on the purpose of our being here on earth and God’s original plan for every man. we came to a point to know that one can drift away from the original plan by God in order for his/her selfish reasons to acquire fame, power and wealth. After a long time on this, we came to a consensus that it is better to live and labor for eternity with Christ Jesus in paradise. to seek God and receive of His riches, fame and power that is true, never destroys but leads to eternal life than crave for the one that comes in deceit, steals and destroys thus leading to condemnation.

Then we parted goodbye.

I took my bag and headed home. i got to the house few minutes after 8 am. i relaxed on the bed, i checked my time and realized it was 8:48 am. it was like, i felt a touch on my back. one will wonder and overlook but i choose to live by the spirit. i turned and asked…

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Four things I discovered in the university

persons come from different backgrounds to be in this city for a period of time. But, other things are involve as well. So, in this city not all persons goes to study, some are distracted by certain features and goes astray. Well, it all depends on how you play your card with the joker. I tell you solemnly, if these features – negative and positive (extra curricular activities) blows you away and you become off balance in the weigh; and you don’t get back to the pivot, you are on your way to oblivion