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October 1St: the Independence Day story short film

Finally is here. Please share this short film to Nigerians home and abroad. “October 1St: the Independence Day story”

It is October 1st 2019. Nigeria at 59.

The Independence Day story tells the story of the efforts of Nigeria’s heroes past to make Nigeria independent and how their efforts have been thrown into the trash bin today. The truth of been independent is lost. Who will save Nigeria??

Watch this latest Nigerian short film by the Creative House of Franklyn here

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October 1St: the independence day story movie trailer

Soon it will be October 1st 2019. Nigeria at 59.

A group of filmmakers known as Creative House of Franklyn produced and uploaded their short film “october 1St: the Independence Day story” on their YouTube channel, twitter, facebook and instagram accounts as as a movie trailer. Franklyn Akam who is the creative director of the group inform the general public that the movie will be uploaded on YouTube by 12am Nigerian time on October 1St 2019.

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Akwa Ibom state corper makes a suggestion for the Federal Government of Nigeria

I salute everyone.

I know i don’t hold any portfolio in the Nigeria government but clearly looking at it, I do; because of democracy which states that it is a government “of the people, by the people, and for the people.” So this gives me a position in government.

I wish our Mr President consider this suggestion and gives it a concern.

What’s my candid suggestion?!?

Going down the memory lane….

The NYSC scheme was created in a bid to reconstruct, reconcile and rebuild the country after the Nigerian Civil war. The unfortunate antecedents in our national

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Starting a web reads soon

I will be starting a web novel soon titled Mr Gentleman: A man with a midas touch.

Written by me, Franklyn Akam on this platform.

Get connected on the reads soon.



My Manifesto if I Am A Presidential Candidate


  • Solve the problems of the nation’s educational and health sector thus improving the methods, approaches, systems and structures.


  • Solve the problems of the economy of the country whereby giving all states of the federation, the right to control their resources thus raising intra trading investments for all. This will help mostly those who don’t have enough capital to run foreign trade. This will as well bring in mass, foreign investors to do business directly with states of the federation; And create a business relationship with other nations; With a federal monitoring council which I will call Federated Intelligence Board to monitor the progress of all states in regards to this goal. Also, this motive will arise all the three sector model of an economy in the country as defined by a course discipline termed Economics. (three sector model published by wikipedia 👆)

Job: Internship

Hello, are you a Nigerian graduate with atleast a 2.2 in any field of study? Have you completed your NYSC?

If you are qualified based on the above terms, then this opportunity is for you. PZ Cussons, a major British manufacturer of personal healthcare products and consumer goods like Imperial leather bathing soap ET Al operates worldwide, especially in Africa and Commonwealth nations offers a trainee program for those qualified as stated above. Simply send your CV in word document format to pzgtrecruitment@pzcussons.com with the subject: Territory Sales Manager. Entry starts October 1st and closes October 14th, 2018.

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How He saved me

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A man charge with murder fears death. He bears in mind that be it as it may, he will be sentence to death by the judge’s verdict. The big question here is, will he?

A Creative House of Franklyn production on Good Friday Night 2018 for Franklyn Online TV

Raymond Akam as Ekpenyong (the accused)

Pauline Pius as Barrister Emmanuel (the defense council)

Johnson Udonsi as Barrister lucifer (the prosecuting council)

Victor George as the judge

Eno Umoh as the court clerk

MaryAnn Chinenye as the testifier

Ik Ikip as the Heaven’s witness

Wisdom Ayang as the hell’s witness

Saviour Benjamin as Officer of the law

Shepherd Bukie as extra cast

Written by Franklyn Akam and Pauline Pius

Directed by Franklyn Akam

The lost man is found

Being lost means no trace of you, without a route, not found or to lose out. Man in this context is referring to both the male and female gender. So who is a lost man?

  • A lost man is someone without a route, no trace or has lose out.

Therefore, in this context, a lost man is someone lost in his/her domain where

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Chasing The Winds: 10 Minutes Temptation Of Franklyn Akam

  • a CHASE simply refers to a pursuit or a hunt.
  • WINDS are atmospheric/artificial air put in motion caused by convection or differences in air

pressure. they are various directions of wind flows. winds are invisible travelers and thus cannot be seen but rather felt or perceived. Based on biblical context in the book of Ecclesiastes, culled from, for the purpose of this piece; I, therefore, define CHASING THE WINDS as a

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Four things I discovered in the university


In the world of discovery, it is the process of finding information, a place, or an object, especially for the first time,or the thing that is found. During my programme in the university, i was able to discover four things in the university. Though, the university is a higher institution of learning; And come to think of it, university means ”universal city” where many

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Is Franklyn Confused?

Confusion according to the dictionary is the state of being unable to think clearly or understand or being disoriented. It is a state of condition looking for someone to devour. It is the state of mind at a particular time. It comes like a thought and drives one into another state; soliloquizing. One begin to muddle his/her words. This is a disease. According to Piyali Mitra, “confused state of mind is the most dangerous thing to deal with…..” It is deadly if not treated. For me, it can also be contagious if not careful.

So why all these hype, a confused state is not a

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