The nemesis for mingling many couple don’t know

If you have watched ‘falling’ the Nigerian movie, you will understand the nemesis for mingling.

In the movie, the problem is mingling. If the woman had not mingled, a baby not from her husband won’t have been born.

No matter the situation in your marriage or relationship, stay strong in love. It’s only love that builds and repairs. Don’t seek for whom to mingle with to soothe your emotions. Those people have being wishing to snatch you from your present or they will use the opportunity of the mingling to soothe themselves.

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What to do as a couple immediately after your wedding reception

What to do as a couple immediately after your wedding reception.

Yes! You guys are married. Congratulations.

But, you see many couple make a lot of mistakes after the wedding proper.

The wedding is done, reception checked (✔) and it’s time to get home.

The car is ignited and zoom, you guys depart for home or to lodge.
Please when I say you guys, I mean ‘the couple – husband and wife’.

Voila! You are home now, or probably lodging in a hotel.

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Happy couple are not the flawless ones

Happy couple are not the flawless ones, they are the great forgivers.

So when you see a couple always happy, don’t think they don’t misunderstand themselves, they do mostly but the joy of it all is that they are great forgivers.

They tend to forgive because to love is to forgive.

Check this…
If God had not forgiven us, He won’t send His Son Jesus Christ to finish the work for our salvation to be attained. God forgives and forgets. He holds no wrongs.

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