Sermon: God will remember you

In Soteria Bible Church, Calabar, the tarry night of 16th of June 2017 was great. Two pastors came around alongside the host pastor – Prophet Augustine Ubah. Their prophetic ministrations “prophecy forth tell” through the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth were life changing. The host by the unction of the Holy Spirit in which he functions revealed the word of God “prophecy fore tell” through the Name of Jesus Christ. God used him mightily again.

The word: Jeremiah 29:10-11. Study it and let’s begin …..

Have you studied it? OK. if you have? Then meditate and continue reading what the Lord is saying using His Prophet.

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Leave the boat and walk on water

Oh my goodness,

What a reblog!

Today, I bring a message of God by the Project Inspired Crew Why stay in the boat? when God is calling you to walk on water. Some persons really need to give God a chance to work in their lives. God’s ways are not the ways of man. His ways cannot be compared. He has a

Is Franklyn Confused?

Confusion according to the dictionary is the state of being unable to think clearly or understand or being disoriented. It is a state of condition looking for someone to devour. It is the state of mind at a particular time. It comes like a thought and drives one into another state; soliloquizing. One begin to muddle his/her words. This is a disease. According to Piyali Mitra, “confused state of mind is the most dangerous thing to deal with…..” It is deadly if not treated. For me, it can also be contagious if not careful.

So why all these hype, a confused state is not a

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Twelve Creative Powers A Creative Person Possesses

Every creative person possess a creative power or more. It is left for he/she to put it into practice to function. Establish your creative power as a creative person. Before I let you know about the creative power(s) a creative person possess(es), let’s know the meaning of creative power. Creative power is

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Where Is Your Creativity?

Creativity is producing a valuable out of nothing or re-creating from an already made valuable to make another valuable. Everyone is creative with different creative capacities. Discover it. Use it. The world awaits the revelation of your creativity. Click on the link below to watch the video on “where is your creativity?”.

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Arithmetic that shows how to associate

I write to you today. What you are, depend on whom you connect with. In the arithmetic field of study, arithmetic academicians brought to proof that






They all stand accepted as a law proven.

This is great. That’s arithmetic.

Why all this hype? I was just in my room working on my blog when i got this inspiration in a still voice.

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Ten Simple Ways To have Customers Big Time

A point to note. looking at the feature photo, you will see a different URL. that isn’t a problem. Don’t get it twisted because I imported it from my Google blogger account to WordPress. I PRESS now…

Hi, today’s article is startling, isn’t it?…. ya….. ya….. but don’t get it twisted…. i’m not here to joke with you. It’s simple… Very simple…. Just like that, simple….. ya…

Okay! today we are looking at 10 simple ways to catch customers BIG TIME…. CATCH CUSTOMERS? YA… CATCH CUSTOMERS… LIKE GRAB THEM? YA.. GRAB THEM… AND BOOST YOUR BUSINESS TRAFFIC..


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Why you should be smart

Being smart is necessary for everyone. It comes from God. Smart people are creative. The world could have only been created by Someone who is eternal and scripture says that is God. Our Creator, Jehovah Adonai is Super and Infinitely Creative that makes Him Super and Infinitely Smart and He is the only Being who could have created such a complex universe which has everything in place very perfectly; And we, His sons and daughters (2 Corinthians 6:18) have to be smart. A smart person is a boss of his/her boss (not negatively but working diligently)Continue reading “Why you should be smart”