Do you have any of these genes of servant leadership by Dr Myles

I am reading the book “the spirit of leadership by Dr. Myles Munroe.

The genes of servant leadership is culled from the book “The spirit of leadership” by Dr. Myles Munroe which indicates the natural results of servant leadership (page 99).

So I called those natural results, “the genes of servant leadership”

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Going for an interview

Before going for an interview, there are steps to follow. Also, never add your strengths and weaknesses in your CV or cover letter or resume. Rather state a personal motivation statement on your documents; and after the interview, you need to do something.

Before the interview,

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Why you can’t mentor

Everyone needs mentorship! Yes! Everyone ..

Mentorship is a line of duty. It is a nonstop straight line except one stops it, then it breaks to create another line.

Someone who is mentoring now was mentored.

To succeed, you need a mentor of that knowledge you seek to guide you through.

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Life is one big fight

To live is to fight. I don’t mean brutality but believe. When I say life is one big fight, I mean to keep on living the dreams, living the visions despite all odds; never to give up no matter the scars.

In the lyrics of Tatiana Manaios song “life is one big fight” motivates a lot equally.

Of course, they will be challenges on the way of success, they will be discouragements from peers and even families etc., fear will come but never run from your fears for running will never get you anywhere; Rather, let your fears run from you.

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three things You Need To Do In 2019

Hi guys, 2018 is gone; Like a film writer will put it, sixteen days later.

So what’s next..? Breathe in and ask yourself that..

Basically, what I think is needful in 2019 is what I called “The SSI For 2019”. 2018 had its own story to tell but this is 2019 we have to be better than we were…

So what’s this SSI, I’m writing about?!?..

•S – spend less

Not all things matter to be purchase. Like economics advises, there are some things that need to be forgone for another – “forgone alternative”. In doing this, the primary things (needs) are purchase and the secondary things (wants) are hope for. Why not arrange those things on a scale of preference?!?.. – the immediate (needs) and the hopes (wants). Prioritise them.

•S – save more

Save, save and keep on saving. Many don’t save. They believe on spend, spend and spend. Start saving today. This is 2019 – a new year. Spending is important but saving is *importanter (slang).

•I – invest most

Many will ask why invest most?.. Well think of any successful person today, he or she invested. Invest most my dear. Garbage in, garbage out. Put your money into a reputable investment. Start thinking what can I invest on. Start thinking like a CEO, an investor, a business associate. Start writing business plans because investment is *importantest (slang).

Think. Create. Build. Grow this 2019..

The SSI for 2019 needs you to be serious. All the best this 2019.


Ten Simple Ways To have Customers Big Time

A point to note. looking at the feature photo, you will see a different URL. that isn’t a problem. Don’t get it twisted because I imported it from my Google blogger account to WordPress. I PRESS now…

Hi, today’s article is startling, isn’t it?…. ya….. ya….. but don’t get it twisted…. i’m not here to joke with you. It’s simple… Very simple…. Just like that, simple….. ya…

Okay! today we are looking at 10 simple ways to catch customers BIG TIME…. CATCH CUSTOMERS? YA… CATCH CUSTOMERS… LIKE GRAB THEM? YA.. GRAB THEM… AND BOOST YOUR BUSINESS TRAFFIC..


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Why you should be smart

Being smart is necessary for everyone. It comes from God. Smart people are creative. The world could have only been created by Someone who is eternal and scripture says that is God. Our Creator, Jehovah Adonai is Super and Infinitely Creative that makes Him Super and Infinitely Smart and He is the only Being who could have created such a complex universe which has everything in place very perfectly; And we, His sons and daughters (2 Corinthians 6:18) have to be smart. A smart person is a boss of his/her boss (not negatively but working diligently)Continue reading “Why you should be smart”

What makes you say I can’t do it?

Today, I’m going to be driving your minds to something that is victimizing many persons in the world today and that’s fear. The fear of “I can’t do it”. Many persons are in this trouble but today I really want to ignite with this piece so that they will examine themselves and believe in themselves that they can really do it. Some persons today are suffering from the number one self dream killer which is fear. Fear has overwhelm them to the extent that nothing is possible again; but, I want to ignite such persons with this piece “I can do it”. Believe in yourself to make it because believe begins with

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