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Why you should never bring feminism to your home as a wife else the man will bring masculism

A candid advice for women.

I am not against feminism. Not at all but…. but…

As a wife never bring feminism to your home else the man will bring masculism.

You won’t find your home peaceful at all.

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God has done something for you but you fail to acknowledge it

Have you ever experienced death or watch someone dying gradually?

Have you ever being in a life threatening illness?

Have you ever experienced difficulties in life?

Have you seen someone that has suffered in life and still had to believe in God saying “despite all these challenges, overwhelming victory is mine through Christ who loved us”. – Romans 8:37

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For why do you choose your career

There should be a reason(s) why you choose your career. Many persons just decides to go on a career without a purpose.

An objective should be considered and work on to be achieved.

You desire to be an engineer, nurse, doctor, interior decorator, model, actor,tailor etc. Why did you choose that career?

According to a Nigerian Law school student, Banah Pauline Clerdy, she says,

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Why I made a life vow to be an exceptional man

I am not perfect but by the help of the Holy Spirit, I am perfect.

A gentleman is a purpose driven man.

Not all men are gentlemen but all gentlemen are purpose driven.

I decided to be a gentleman.

The scripture in Matthew 22 verse 14 says, “many are called but few are chosen”.

Also in Exodus 23 verse 2, it says, “do not follow the multitude to do wrong”.

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Do not be deceived, God’s not dead

When you study the scriptures that has to do with Eve and the serpent, you will find out that Eve was very close to the serpent. They were like pals. And this was how satan used the serpent to deceive Eve.

Be careful of the people you associate with, who tells you God is wicked or God is not worth a Father or God is dead or God is not the Creator of the universe or God don’t love the world.

Be very careful.

Beware of fake friends. They come to deceive and destroy.

Do not be deceived, God’s not dead. He’s surely alive and He reigns forever and ever.

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Why you should never let your anger become a fever

There is a degree for how you get angry.

Aristotle on anger quoted that…

“Anybody can become angry – that is easy, but to be angry with the right person and to the right degree and at the right time and for the right purpose, and in the right way – that is not within everybody’s power and is not easy”

But you have to try your best to control your temperament so as not to cause dangers. This is emotional intelligence.

Considering the words on bold above…

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For what do you get angry

Taking it from this perspective,

Out of anger, A woman slaps a man. What will you call that?

Still in anger, A man tries to slap her back, he pauses, held her softly and kisses her. What will you call that?

Answered simply. You being in control of your emotions.

When you are in control of your temperament, you are matured.

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The day I met her

This is the love story of my life of how I met a beautiful lady by name MaryAnn.

The day I met her started when I saw her in church. That was just an admiration. I admired her.

This admiration grew to a like.

Though I wasn’t steady because I was a university student out of the town she resided. I see her only when I’m in town. I didn’t had her contact. She was not aware of my admiration for her. I didn’t tell her then.

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We are one, it doesn’t matter if you are black or white

We are all one. It doesn’t matter if you are black or white. It doesn’t matter the colour of your skin.

Say no to racism. Let the world unite against racism.

Love your skin colour and that of others. Stop the discrimination.

Embrace one another with love. We are all human. One human race of several skin colours.

We are not racists but we are one.