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Chasing The Winds: 10 Minutes Temptation Of Franklyn Akam

  • a CHASE simply refers to a pursuit or a hunt.
  • WINDS are atmospheric/artificial air put in motion caused by convection or differences in air

pressure. they are various directions of wind flows. winds are invisible travelers and thus cannot be seen but rather felt or perceived. Based on biblical context in the book of Ecclesiastes, culled from, for the purpose of this piece; I, therefore, define CHASING THE WINDS as a

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Four things I discovered in the university


In the world of discovery, it is the process of finding information, a place, or an object, especially for the first time,or the thing that is found. During my programme in the university, i was able to discover four things in the university. Though, the university is a higher institution of learning; And come to think of it, university means ”universal city” where many

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Eyeh Wanji

My Mama Told Me Something…
Eyeh is an exclamation basically Nigeria centered that has to do with someone wondering. It is related to the Boki tribe. Wanji is Bokyi – Boki language meaning my child. My mum is always fond of saying this eyeh wanji and the way she use to say it makes me burst into laughter. when she sees what’s not right, the first thing is eyeh wanji before the correction. But the moment she says this eyeh wanji, something rings inside me and I stand corrected.

What am i implying?..

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Is Franklyn Confused?

Confusion according to the dictionary is the state of being unable to think clearly or understand or being disoriented. It is a state of condition looking for someone to devour. It is the state of mind at a particular time. It comes like a thought and drives one into another state; soliloquizing. One begin to muddle his/her words. This is a disease. According to Piyali Mitra, “confused state of mind is the most dangerous thing to deal with…..” It is deadly if not treated. For me, it can also be contagious if not careful.

So why all these hype, a confused state is not a

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