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How to create a blog in five minutes 

Yaya!! Is quite simple and easy. Just follow these steps.

1. First minute
  • Think of the kind of blog you need and the tagline. Let there be a relationship between your blog title and the tagline. Make both of them unique and captivating.

2. Second minute
  • Write down your captivating blog title and tagline. These will guide you in setting up your sitemap (posts, pages, tags, categories etc.)

3. Third minute

Get ready to light it out. To announce your blog to the world as it works to top rank in SEOs – Search Engine Optimization sites.

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How To Live A Happy And Satisfied Life

written by MaryAnn Chinenye for Online With Franklyn

Hi, as each day passes by, humans wonder how to live a happy and satisfied life but some fail to ask themselves how can this be done???… Most persons spend their time stressed out, worried and on a constant panic about needs to be done for their futures, raising their children, wired up over work or school along with everything else. Does this sound similar? well if it does, it is because so many people live with this style and pattern but I put it to you, you need a self treat… Now comes the question…….

How can one live a happy and satisfied life?

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How to be a champion


  1. This is very requisite.

To really actualize this, one has to avoid one thing which can deny one of being a champion. This is written in the book of Psalms 7:14;

Whoever is pregnant with evil conceives trouble and gives birth to disillusionment”. (NIV)

What do I mean…

to really be a champion, one need to hate evil and stay away from it.
What is evil…? What is disillusionment…?
Evil means intending to harm, morally corrupt, injustice, iniquity, wickedness, malevolent. Disillusionment means deceit, lies, falsehood.

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