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It was not easy putting this blog into reality but just like Thomas Edison, famous for his invention of an electric bulb didn’t succeed in the invention in a day. I asked myself, am i experiencing Thomas Edison’s history?. I’m myself, i said in a still voice; Thomas Edison tried for 9,999 times to invent an electric bulb. During these times, he didn’t succeed but he didn’t relent in his effort to keep trying. On the 10,000th time, he produced an electric bulb in which it is still in use till now. He has solved a problem. During this period of trials and errors, he called them period of learning – acquiring knowledge.

So what am I implying?…

It all started like a dream, facing challenges creating this blog but today, it is a reality. Glory to God. I established this blog for the good of the world. And now, before me is the drawing board, where I will bring out the best from the art.

Image result for drawing board art

And what’s that I’m solving?!?…

Digitally, the world has become. 80% of the world’s population gets inspire, inform, educated, entertain, via digital platforms all round the world on news, entertainment, politics, celebrities, motivation, sports; to mention but a few. And right here, you can have what you need just being online with Franklyn…

You’re welcome ๐Ÿ’ž



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