How to live and become a better you

Hi ‘Franklyn Fam’

So sorry for been out for a while now. These past days had been a lot of my world.
I can’t say much but I get to pick up and get fix. Only God can fix it.

I just wanna drop this little piece for you guys: by Pst. Joel Osteen,

“Whether life is going well for you or collapsing right before your eyes, we all want to be better. We want to be more effective in our lives. We want to know God better; we want to be better spouses and parents, better lovers, better encouragers, better community leaders, better employees, and better bosses and managers. God put something deep down inside us that evokes a desire to be more like Him.

In our inner being, we hear a voice saying,
“you were born for better than this; you are meant to live at a higher level than you are currently. Don’t be satisfied with less. You can be better”.

Today many people are developing a greater vision for their future and are experiencing more of God’s blessings and favour. But even if you are living your best life now, it is important that you do not become stagnant.

God always wants to increase us, to do more in and through us. God doesn’t want us to settle for ‘good enough’. He wants us to keep stretching, to keep pressing forward into the next level”

He wants us to bear in mind that everything good can be achieve no matter the time.
‘Be a better you’

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