This thing called love

This thing called love is a virtue that many has misunderstood.

What many don’t know is love is the greatest of all other virtues ever made by God.

Where there is no love in that relationship, just back out in order not to cause pain on yourself.

What to know about love is this, ‘love accepts’.

Acceptance is more than just saying yes to the proposal or yes ‘I do’ on wedding day. It’s more than a yes. It’s a deep motive and a deep connection.

Love is everything worth doing well.

The concept of love is seen where Jesus Christ didn’t look upon humanity imperfection, rather He decided to raise perfection in humanity till today.

The efficacy of love tells that love is a powerful virtue that is indestructible and unbreakable except the involve persons choose other wrong.

Using other wrong is because, it’s to their own wrong for breaking the greatest virtue.

When love happens, it makes everything of worth and believe done.

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