A letter from the man to all men

This is a letter from the man to all men.

I am the man. The man of purpose. I am not the perfect man but the purpose driven man who desires that we keep the connect with purpose alive required of every man since day one of man’s creation. This is perfection.

Dear man reading this now,
Being the man of the house doesn’t make you a devouring lion.

Your family or someone must not be scared of you to the extent they can’t approach you.

Spend time with your family, they need you.

Have fun with them. Connect with them so lovely and listen to them.

Make it easy for them to reach out to you when they need you. Don’t scare them away.

You must be a tamed lion not a devouring lion.

Men in purpose relationship, learn and practice now.

Single men not in a purpose relationship, you can learn too.

So you see, to be a purpose driven man is a choice and a necessity because it’s the needful.

I chose this fate not because I was force to, rather I need to.

I have come to know many men don’t understand their calling here on earth in their family.

Many men have become lions just because they are the heads. This wasn’t the purpose.

The purpose was man love your wife as Christ love the church and lead to salvation. So is required of every man to his family.

A man who desires to be of purpose driven should lead family to the promise land.

Men arise and live the purpose.

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