The nemesis for mingling many couple don’t know

If you have watched ‘falling’ the Nigerian movie, you will understand the nemesis for mingling.

In the movie, the problem is mingling. If the woman had not mingled, a baby not from her husband won’t have been born.

No matter the situation in your marriage or relationship, stay strong in love. It’s only love that builds and repairs. Don’t seek for whom to mingle with to soothe your emotions. Those people have being wishing to snatch you from your present or they will use the opportunity of the mingling to soothe themselves.

They don’t come for anything good. Beware of their care. Beware of their video calls, beware of their phone calls, beware of their chats. It’s deceit. All lies. They just want to get what they want and disappear.

If you are in a relationship or marriage, don’t mingle with the opposite sex simply because ‘your he’ is not around you or ‘your she’ is not around you or there is an issue or whatsoever it might be. Even though you are asked to mingle, DON’T MINGLE. No hating o, but don’t mingle.

You will be chatting seriously, you will be video calling frequently with them but you don’t know you are mingling, until when it’s all done on you. Your eyes will open to real fact of life.

Don’t go out on a date with mingling seekers.

Many will say, to mingle with the opppsite sex is not bad, nothing will happen, after all I’m married or I’m in a relationship or I know myself. Says who?
Nothing might happen o, but, do you know the mind of the opposite sex you are mingling with? Don’t you know, we are humans. ‘Dey your dey’ be contented.

He is just my friend. She is just a friend. A friend?

Some ladies even say, he is my best friend. Then who is your husband to you? or the man you are in a relationship with, Who is he to you?

Same applies to guys, she is my best friend, best friend? Then who is your wife to you or the lady you are in a relationship with, who is she to you?

You must be best friends to yourselves.

Don’t even entertain melodies from your ex. You don’t know his or her plan. Do you know what is ex? It means past tense. No hating o. Don’t hate but don’t entertain their melodies.

On your own side, don’t take yourself to them. Give yourself prestige. You are not someone’s spare tyre, you must be someone’s priority, which is the needful.

Concentrate and build your present relationship that matters. Concentrate and continue building your marriage that matters.

Don’t mingle else you will entangle.

I will be sharing with you who should be your best friend in your relationship or marriage in my next blog.

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