What to do as a couple immediately after your wedding reception

What to do as a couple immediately after your wedding reception.

Yes! You guys are married. Congratulations.

But, you see many couple make a lot of mistakes after the wedding proper.

The wedding is done, reception checked (✔) and it’s time to get home.

The car is ignited and zoom, you guys depart for home or to lodge.
Please when I say you guys, I mean ‘the couple – husband and wife’.

Voila! You are home now, or probably lodging in a hotel.

Couple rushing, pulling off clothes, breathing hard;
Ah! Ah!! Not so fast. Couple calm down. Sex can wait.

Check this…
Have you ever heard that marriage is a ministry given by God? You will give account about it.

As Christians, you guys ought to pray.
Thank the Lord for how you guys started the relationship thing, how He provided all things for the wedding day to be a success. Thank Him. He deserve it.

Then, ask the Lord for grace for the marriage ministry. How will you guys raise your children? Ask for grace. Don’t you know you will give account how you raise your children?

That’s why the Bible says, “start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it” – proverbs 22 vs 6 (NIV).

As man and wife, you got a task there and more in this ministry of marriage.

As the man, ask for grace to lead your family to God.
As the woman, ask for grace to build your home in Jesus Christ.

The day you guys said I do to each other is the day you have committed yourselves for the ministry of marriage.

Stop joking with the words ‘I do’. There are words that needs you to think, think and rethink again.

When you are done praying, begin to discuss as couple, plan, fix things up, lay a foundation solidly in Jesus Christ.

Though you guys might have done that during courtship, yes! But still re-do it. It’s not a crime to re-do the planning of your marital ministry.
Keep doing it. Don’t stop!

After all these, you will find out that you guys have spent about 5 hours including prayers and plan talk.
You might even forget the sexual pleasure thing and doze off, only to wake up the next day.

So if your wedding was on a saturday, sunday will be thanksgiving service and sexual pleasure will be when you guys come back from church.
If your wedding was on a sunday, thanksgiving service can still be on that same day. When you guys are back from church, you enjoy yourselves.

What I am trying to let you know is that, after your wedding reception, don’t be too quick for the sex thing as a couple.

Pray and plan first before sex.

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