Happy couple are not the flawless ones

Happy couple are not the flawless ones, they are the great forgivers.

So when you see a couple always happy, don’t think they don’t misunderstand themselves, they do mostly but the joy of it all is that they are great forgivers.

They tend to forgive because to love is to forgive.

Check this…
If God had not forgiven us, He won’t send His Son Jesus Christ to finish the work for our salvation to be attained. God forgives and forgets. He holds no wrongs.

So as His creation, why can’t we do same? Forgiveness is the hardest thing ever to accept doing.

1st Corinthians 13 vs 5d says,
“Love keeps no record of wrongs”.

So you see, begin to put forgiveness into practice in your relationship now. And those in marriage swing into action.


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