Adam and Eve made a mistake to have loved each other at first sight

By the wisdom given by God, I write this piece.

There is nothing wrong to love but it takes time to love.

In this context, we view the love of relationship-marriage.

There is a quote that says,

“Love at first sight”.

Someone will just freely say…

“The moment I set my eyes on you, I was in love, just call it love at first sight”.

Absolutely wrong!

There is nothing defined as “love at first sight”. Some will say “love at first glance”. This is completely misunderstanding what love is all about.

Love is a process. You must metarmophose gradually to get to love.

As a gentleman, you can’t just see a lady and you are in love immediately neither should a lady.

Offcourse there is love. And love is the greatest of all other virtues ever made available by God. Love is a deep virtue that can’t be achieved at first sight nor first glance.

There must be a process.

1. Admiration – you admire what your eyes behold. Don’t rush it. Keep cool. Give it a time. Then advance to step 2.

2. Like – after some time maybe a month, two months, six months or thereabout, you find out that, what you admire is now likened by you. You begin to get to know the person likewise going out on a date. This can take some time too. But never rush to love if you haven’t accepted the person in good and flaws.

3. Love – hmmmmmm……. I have to take a deep breath because this thing called love is a virtue many don’t understand. When you have grown to love, it means you have accepted both good and flaw of the person. You have agreed to sacrifice, to give more and take less. At this point, you will find out that you are now passionate in loving. It now becomes a passionate attitude in you. Many will think that what you are doing is stupid or selfish or madness. Absolutely not! What is done in love, with love and for love is born out of passion. Love becomes a passion as an attitude in you.

Adam and Eve made a mistake to have loved each other at first sight.

They never knew each other’s flaws, they never understood each other, they did not processed love completely.

The only step they achieved was admiration. At that moment, they just loved each other at first sight.

They were just carried away by beauty and cuteness. That’s why they both fell to circumstances in the garden of Eden.

It won’t be that easy in the later though it may but it depends to build love when it would have been done earlier.

You go through a process to get there. (love).

So you see, to love and be loved is an attitude of process.

Many misunderstand this thing called love. Don’t do same.

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