Read this now to know why you have to stop chasing butterflies

The progress of your relationship is only determine by you. Why chase butterflies?

Someone chasing butterflies as it hops around flowers will not be able to build a relationship.

Someone who concentrates on a flower, waters it, removes weeds and trims it when it grows wild, making it appear fresh will be able to build a relationship for marriage.

If one keeps hopping from one man to another man and from one woman to another woman, you will always end a relationship whenever you are not feeling happy.

You will think a blessing is a burden just because there is a conflict.

Why you have to stop chasing butterflies is because, jumping from person to person will not help you find “the one” but it’s actually preparing your heart for divorce when your spouse don’t meet your needs.

So you see, instead of chasing those butterflies, why not be focus in understanding and wisdom, that is love, to build your relationship.

Love is the greatest. Let love lead you to be with “the one”.

Marriage shouldn’t be painful, rather, it is more of service for one another than simply focusing on getting your needs met.

In your relationship, put into practice how you will serve each other in your marital ministry.

Marriage is an assignment (ministry) not a job. You are not employed rather you are assigned.

Be with that person that you both can serve in the ministry of marriage for God’s glory.

Let love lead you.

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