Do you have any of these genes of servant leadership by Dr Myles

I am reading the book “the spirit of leadership by Dr. Myles Munroe.

The genes of servant leadership is culled from the book “The spirit of leadership” by Dr. Myles Munroe which indicates the natural results of servant leadership (page 99).

So I called those natural results, “the genes of servant leadership”

The genes are the natural results seen in a servant leader.

A servant leader is a designed person born to serve with unique gifts and talents to the world.

Servant leadership has to manifest the true nature of mankind and the image of God.

The genes are

  • A servant leader is authentic and of authority. Authority commands work to be done.
  • Originality is the core. That is, being a true version of yourself without being a copy of anyone else.
  • The confidence gotten is genuine and is based only on natural ability.
  • It is not complete until fulfilled. A servant leader has that inert like for satisfaction.
  • Highly significant. There is a sense of intrinsic value in a servant leader.
  • Uniqueness. A servant leader does not compete.
  • A servant leader is distinctive in all measures and bears no comparison.
  • A servant leader has a value and doesn’t jealous others.
  • A servant leader is convince of self worth and desires, and bears no fear.

“Servant leadership is true leadership” – Dr. Myles Munroe

Possessing those natural results (what brings out the genes in you) of yourself makes you a servant leader.

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