My relationship will make you live your heart desires


It is I, your fave blogger, Franklyn. I bring to you my relationship in pictures which will make you live your heart desires, I mean your dreams.

We are the MaryKlyn, that is, MaryAnn and Franklyn, your fave relationship couple. I believe soonest I will walk with her down the aisle by God’s grace. So sweet! ❤

I hope this blog inspires you in your relationship and show you how to treat your king or queen.

Viola! Here are the pictures. Sweet memories ❤

My love for this photo was just aww! And yes is still.
During a creativity talk show hosted by me
This was just more than taking photoshoot for a musical show, love was involve.
At a botanical garden
At Marina resort, Calabar, Nigeria
The king’s birthday party at Monty Suites, Calabar, Nigeria
Yeah! That’s all that really matters
On Valentine’s Day
We were part of the bride & groom train
This is how we do! We can play!
The queen’s birthday party at Native restaurant, Calabar, Nigeria
Wedding guests

There are many more memories to share but for now, those will do.

A little bit of inspiration, treat her like a queen and treat him like a king. Love with friendship, that’s all that matters.

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