Why you need to know I started a vlog


Guess what! I have started a vlog.

I think you need to know why I started a vlog! Right?

For two years now, you guys, my blog fam have being reading my blog. I had to re-create something so that my blog fam will not only read but listen.

My vlog is not away from my actual purpose of Franklyn’s blog.

Besides, just as the purpose of Franklyn’s blog is life changing and bringing you each day to your heart desires, I mean your dreams! This is the same purpose of Franklyn’s vlog.

So the purpose is the same but the viewing is what differs here.

In Franklyn’s blog, you read online and in Franklyn’s vlog, you watch online.

So what are you waiting for? Show some love tapping the link below and subscribe to my YouTube channel. It is completely free!