Why you should always rise above all criticism

This is an inspiring fictional story that you should emulate in your life.

The teacher is the one inspiring you right now…

A teacher walks into the class and writes on the board the following:


When he was done, he looked back at the students and they were laughing.

He asked what cause their laughter…

A boy stands up and said,

‘Sir you wrote 9×1 equals 7. You are wrong’.

The students laughs….

The teacher said…

‘I know the right answer is 9 but I did that on purpose to see what all of you will count on, and lo, you count on my wrong and forget the rights I have done.

The teacher inspires the students…

‘Jesus Christ upon all the good He did in the land, majority of the people still shouted “crucify him! crucify him!! Christ did not stop, He still went to die for those same people. In life people tend to forget the good you have done the moment you do something wrong. They forget all your rights but count on your wrong. They criticize you for that. No matter how people disregard your good when you are wrong, never stop doing good and don’t get discouraged. Keep on the good work. As humans, we have flaws but what matters is that, you stand up and continue your good work. This is perfection. Always rise above all criticism. Look up to God not man’.

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