Why a man should regard a woman and why a woman should regard a man

The efficacy of life request man and woman to regard one another despite strength nor weakness. We are one.

Scripturally, it is written “Love your neighbour as yourself” – Mark 12 verse 31.

“For love is the greatest of all” – 1st Corinthians 13 verse 13b.

When you love, you regard. This love is not an intimate kind of. I mean men regarding women and women regarding men despite strength nor weakness.

There is a power for a man and a woman at which they live on earth. Their power has a part to play and is useful for humanity and should be regarded as such.

To a man, the power of valour and to a woman, the power of the mind.

What matters is how a man and a woman use it. Do they use it wrongly? it is very bad.

A man and a woman ought to use the gifted power to justify means in life.

See gallery below to justify this theory of life of why a man should regard a woman, why a woman should do same, and what happens when they use their power wrongly.

There is a bad result for a wrong use of power. Use your power rightly and with regard.