For why do you choose your career

There should be a reason(s) why you choose your career. Many persons just decides to go on a career without a purpose.

An objective should be considered and work on to be achieved.

You desire to be an engineer, nurse, doctor, interior decorator, model, actor,tailor etc. Why did you choose that career?

According to a Nigerian Law school student, Banah Pauline Clerdy, she says,

“A career is a trade that people choose for the purpose which drives their passion”.

In a phone call interview with Pauline, she speaks on why she choose her career.

Why did you choose law?

I chose law because I want to stand for justice. Experience is the best teacher. I hate it when people tamper with my rights. I have come to know that many persons have being victims of rights abuse and many are still victimized. They have no voice to speak on their behalf, I will speak. I want to justify that situation.

What’s the significance of a career choice?

Any career chosen should be successful, impact lives and thus edify the society. A career choice should add values and not to devalue anyone or the society. When I say career choice, I don’t mean arm robbery, kidnapping, cybercrime or any disreputable engagement. Engaging to a career that stands on good grounds is perfect. It’s okay.

What are your plans when call to the bar?

Two things are involve here. Like I earlier said, experience is the best teacher. I will either practice law or be a judge in a magistrate court for a start. If I practice law, I will engage in industrial law in the oil and gas industry. I choose oil and gas because, I want to be a voice for the voiceless people of my community – Ogoni, Khana local government area of Rivers state, Nigeria. My community is a victim of oil spillage. The Ogoniland oil spill is polluting farm lands and rivers thereby affecting good crop yields and affecting fisherman’s trade. This is really affecting my community and the trading that existed before the discovering of crude oil. Khana people are suffering. Their voice need to be heard. I have decided to be their voice and to justify the economic/environmental irrelavances occurring in my community and even beyond by the petroleum industry. I am not into this movement to cause chaos or violence or crime but to stand for justice to reign. The people are denied their rights to live healthy and financial. This I will do if I practice law and if I decide to build my law career as a judge, I will still stand for justice to reign in every case brought to my court.

Based on all you have said, this makes you a career woman. I believe you are aware of the conflict in marriage between career women and their hubands. How do you intend to manage that?

Being a career woman must not stop me from doing my duties as a wife and mother. I have to justify the two. I must make sure both correlate. I owe my husband my duties as a wife and I owe my children my duties as a mother. Any woman that fails in her duties in the name of career woman, have herself to be blamed. I don’t wish for a woman to be idle. She has to be supportive and this can only be achieved when she is a career person, maybe in the event industry, fashion, medical field, business etc. The moment I am married, my career values must correlate my family values. I don’t want conflict in my home all because of my career pursuit.

In conclusion, what do you have to say?

As you engage in your career, have it in mind that you have to grow; and don’t be selfish, let it change the world for the better as well. I will still say this, the married women should make sure their career correlate their family.

If a woman has a man that support and inspires her in her career, wow! It is an added value.

Thank you for your time Ma

You are welcome. Thanks for having me. I appreciate.

Featured photo was taken when Banah Pauline Clerdy acted as a barrister in a stage play “SAVED” (2018)