The story of the he-goat and the G.O.A.T

The female society has generally regarded all men as the same in behavioural traits that has to do with flirting.

Men can no longer be differentiated.

Some men are spoiling the crown of men.

The female society now see all men as being equal.

Yes! Ofcourse, all things being equal – Ceteris paribus.

Men are male human beings. This is what makes us the same.

But there is something that makes men different, That is, ‘real’.

A real man doesn’t flirt. He treasures the woman in his life.

He sees her as the only beautiful woman on earth.

A real man is a man of integrity. He is a purpose driven man.

Men are the same in gender which is male but different in behaviour which is ‘real’.

A flirty kind of man is the he-goat who hops from one woman to another.

A real man is the G.O.A.T – greatest of all times among men.