You have to be responsible for once and stop hopping from person to person

As adults, start developing your mind for something responsible for once.

Why do you still involve in hopping from person to person in the name of I am in a relationship?

You give yourself prestige that you are a bad guy or bad girl. Such prestige is false. Stop playing games and be matured.

Maturity is on the mind. A twenty five year old man or woman who cannot be matured, still playing games is not worth matured. Such a person is kiddy.

Maturity has grown beyond the age. It is now on the mind.

Responsible life starts from the mind. Equip your mind with self respect.

This hook up culture doesn’t prepare you for marriage. It prepares your heart for divorce because you are teaching your heart and mind to only connect to whatever benefits temporary emotions.

Today, Anita; tomorrow, Jennifer; next tommorow, Jane. For the guys, stop it.

Today, George; tomorrow, Paul; next tomorrow, Daniel. For the ladies, stop it.

Having a relationship that seeks God and goes torward marriage should be your goal and not this hopping around lifestyle.