The day I met her

This is the love story of my life of how I met a beautiful lady by name MaryAnn.

The day I met her started when I saw her in church. That was just an admiration. I admired her.

This admiration grew to a like.

Though I wasn’t steady because I was a university student out of the town she resided. I see her only when I’m in town. I didn’t had her contact. She was not aware of my admiration for her. I didn’t tell her then.

Whenever I came around, I do see her in church. Nothing seriously, I kept on hiding my likes for her. I kept the likes to myself.

Gradually we became close, getting involved in some social works and religious works. We got along. But I kept things to myself still.

When you like someone, you can’t just keep it. I don’t know if you understand me! Somehow you will express it. I demonstrated my like for her several times. ««Smiles»»» I know she was coding it but you know some women. Their prestige is important to them.

One day, this whole like grew to love. Love that’s unconditional, love that motivates, love that inspires, love with a purpose. I couldn’t hide my feelings from her again.

At that point, I felt it was the moment to fully express myself to her. And I did, one bright and wonderful day when we had a date. My intention was driven with a purpose.

Yeah! Like can grow to love. Just let it grow. Don’t force it.

We started a purpose driven relationship.

She is my gift from God. I love her and she loves me too. God loves us most.

We grow in love with faith in God. Only GOD can do it.

“It all started as a long like, then grows love. Love with friendship, that’s all that matters” – MaryKlyn (MaryAnn and Franklyn)

Let that like grow to love. Don’t be too quick and don’t force it.

Best wishes.