One thing every human on earth should know

Hi, it is I, Franklyn Akam.

When it all started, it was Franklyn Online as a blog and Franklyn Online TV as a YouTube channel.

It was branded since 2018 to online with Franklyn as a blog and Creative House of Franklyn as a YouTube channel till date.

The purpose of all these is just one word, ‘edify’.

Being online with Franklyn brings you each day to your heart desires. I mean your dreams! It is a life changing blog – Franklyn’s blog.

Creative House of Franklyn is a movie and television studio company that is also involve in theatrical productions. It is a community of creators who impacts the world with the best of the art.

One thing every human should know is that we are made to create an impact that edifies mankind in every area of specialization you find yourself.

To be frank with you, the earth is a place where everyone should work for the better and development of our habitat.

All world leaders and masses should contribute to the success of our society.

Our land don’t need deceit nor selfishness. The human race needs those that edifies the mind and not spoil it.

Be one of those in our society that edifies in any place you find yourself.

Spread the message of edification.

Let’s ignite the purpose. Be purpose driven to edify always.

Let join hands together and change our world positively.

Let’s be champions. Let’s create legacies.

Start today. I mean now.