Who to regard as a best friend in a relationship or marriage

In a relationship, the man must regard his partner as his best friend. He shouldn’t be in a relationship and regard another woman as his best friend, then what happens to the one with whom he is in a relationship with?!. How will he regard her ?!

That is the question he should be asking himself.

This notion also applies to the woman..

Both must regard themselves as best friends. If they don’t, is theirs to be blamed.

He must be your best friend and she must be your best friend in that relationship. They must be playmates and live the love like they never started.

Even in marriage, the couple must be best friends to each other. They must be playmates too. They must live the love everyday like they never started.

Who else can be called your bestie?! If not that man/woman with whom you are in a relationship with or your husband/wife.

Remember this, to be called your best friend alias bestie, he or she must be the root typed of person – A friend in tough needs…