The four kinds of people in life you must know

In life, they are four kinds of people. These people are characterized as “the leaves, the branches, the stems and the roots.


This set of people will be with you during the green days. The moment the green days are over, what comes after the rain? – green is gone and the leaves dries and falls away. Or, when there is a little bit of shakes in your life, they fall away too. These kind of people only be with you when all is green and not shaky, when things go bad, they fall away, and when things becomes good again for you; and they have being through hell or they haven’t, the leafy people will always come back. Beware, because they can go away again. Don’t give in to them. They make you a choice. Don’t make yourself a choice. You are a priority.


This set of people are almost like the leaves but quite different. During those storms in your life, the branches breaks away. During those cuts in your life, the branches falls away and never comes back. New branches tend to grow again, avoid them. Keep them at arm’s length despite their efforts to be close to you or replace the fallen branches. Don’t be too quick to regard replaced branches. Be careful for what you wish for. Branches are not worth it because they will keep on leaving you, you will keep on loosing them and getting hurt always. Don’t give in to them. They make you a choice. Don’t make yourself a choice. You are a priority.


This set of people shows support. They try to express their care. A day of cuts or storms in your life, they will try to show support and care. The moment they cannot bear it again; the stress and discomfort they go through for your sake, they tend to leave without saying a word to you. They break away and never come back. They are gone and you are hurt. Live your life as if nothing as such happened. Be your happiness. Don’t give in to them. Be your support. Be your care.

Then who is needed,


This set of people are needed in your life. Leaves falls away, branches breaks away, stems cut away but the roots remains deep in your life. The roots are there during the storms, the cuts, the pains, the struggles. They don’t go away. They share in your pain and believe all will be well. It won’t be easy with them too during your tough times but they will try to be there for you. They will support and care for you in every way they can. Your problem becomes their problem. When things becomes joyous, they are happy seeing you happy. They make you a priority and not a choice.

Featured image credit: dreamstimedotcom