My First Day Experience in the 2020 Social Change Masterclass Programme

The 2020 social change masterclass programme is organized by the Bridge Leadership Foundation in collaboration with the WE Afrihug initiative of Youth Makers Hub, Greece and Impact Foundation for Youths Development.

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Back to my first day experience

I follow the Bridge Leadership Foundation (TBLF) on all their social media handles. From there, I was able to know about the masterclass programme. I have seen a lot of programmes on social media organized by the TBLF. I can affirm that they are really raising a generation of transformational leaders.

The first day was an introductory class leading participants to the bulk of knowledge to acquire in the programme.

Participants were made to meet and greet each other.

I got to meet this amazing guy named Chidera Francis who works for Rhema Care Integrated Development Centre, Ogoja as a Shelter Assistant. He is good in graphic design, programming and music. He is a good talker and good team player. We exchange phone contact and social media handles.

The speakers, Konstantinos Maragkos and Marinela Maragkou were awesome. They filled me up with knowledge of social entrepreneurship and an introduction to Erasmus + – European Union (EU) programme for education, training, youth and sport.

There was a motivational break. A game called Samurai was played. Samurai is ideal to the Japanese. To me, the game helps one to keep focus, don’t be distracted and don’t welcome fears in order to achieve the goals. This I’d more than just a game, it is a motivation.

Less I forget, we had tea breaks too and a lunch package. So refreshment was cool.

Aww.. I can gladly testify that being in the 2020 social change masterclass programme was just the best place for me.

It is indeed a gathering to meet people of knowledge and this is just the first day. I see myself connecting with more people of knowledge as the programme proceeds.

Thanks to all the organizations who provided this opportunity.

WE Afrihug! Do you?

See you next time…