Follow before lead

I acknowledge God for the gift of writing.

To lead, you have to follow. Being a leader is a good thing but there is a sacrifice for it I.e followership.

You have to follow before lead.

Leadership is a process. It cannot be rushed.

A leader today was a follower yesterday.

A follower today shall be a leader tomorrow.

Many at the top today, sometime ago, followed others. They served.

To follow requires humility, perseverance, patience and faith.

Faith that one day, I can become a leader.

Leaders are not rulers .

Leaders leads, they serve, they impacts.

Leaders are masters.

Followers are apprentices.

Biblical, Prophet Elisha served his master Prophet Elijah humbly. He gain a lot and became a leader; but Gehazi lost it all because he wanted to outshine his master, Prophet Elisha.

Followership leads to leadership and leadership creates a legacy.

As a follower, you are on probation.

According to Dr. Myles Munroe of blessed memory, in his book “The Spirit of Leadership” it reads in page 286 thus

Within every follower is an undiscovered leader.

There is a leader in every follower and to be discovered, Follow!