Man ‘fathered six children with own daughter, then raped one of them as well’, court hears of it

According to Independent UK, A man alleged to have raped his own daughter 23 times is also accused of fathering at least six children with her.

Jurors at Swansea Crown Court heard he then repeatedly raped one of the girls his daughter had given birth to.

The suspect, the court was told, also repeatedly raped another of his daughters.

He denies 36 counts of rape, including one count of procuring rape.

He also denies one count of assault by penetration, according to Wales Online.

The man, from south west Wales, is accused of grooming his children by “brainwashing” them into believing a “false world” existed.

He has not been publicly named to protect the identity of his alleged victims.

“[The victims’] will has been over-ridden and any apparent consent is not real consent but mere acquiescence to the false world he created,” John Hipkin, prosecuting, told the jury.

“He did what he wanted to his three daughters and achieved this by systematic control, grooming and brain washing.”

The suspect is accused of using mysticism to manipulate his victims.

“He created a false world touched by witchcraft and mysticism,” Mr Hipkin said, according to the BBC.

“He would use a mystic to get them to do sexual acts with him by sending email messages to them.

“That control over them allowed him to gain sexual satisfaction.”

As well as raping the girls, the man is accused of arranging other men to rape his daughters, according to Wales Online.

Mr Hipkin said one of the girls was under 16 when she first fell pregnant by her father.

The trial continues.


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