How to create a blog in five minutes 

Yaya!! Is quite simple and easy. Just follow these steps.

1. First minute
  • Think of the kind of blog you need and the tagline. Let there be a relationship between your blog title and the tagline. Make both of them unique and captivating.

2. Second minute
  • Write down your captivating blog title and tagline. These will guide you in setting up your sitemap (posts, pages, tags, categories etc.)

3. Third minute

Get ready to light it out. To announce your blog to the world as it works to top rank in SEOs – Search Engine Optimization sites.

4. Fourth minute

WordPress has made it easy creating blogs or websites. You can create a blog or website anywhere anytime using your mobile phones or tablets when you ain’t with your laptops or close to your desktops. So you see, is very simple and easy with WordPress. Click on this link to get started and proceed to the fifth minute.

All the best new blogger.