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Mr. Gentleman – a man with a midas touch series three titled “perfection”

Perfection rings a bell dong! dong!!. Being perfect is a self vision and to be willing to be perfect is a self decision.

Now sitting before a desk and my notebook placed on it, I begin to type my inspiration.

My desire to be a man with a midas touch was born out of vision. I made this vision my decision and to activate this, I step up to being perfect. There is a saying that goes, “no one is perfect”.

This kept on disturbing me, I kept on soliloquizing. Does this mean I will remain imperfect all of my life. No! I exclaimed. I came to understand that God has given us the Holy Spirit who is a Helper – this means I can be perfect if I wish to be. Since I have decided to be perfect, I started working on myself.

On the way of perfection, I found out that perfection has no end, this means is still thy kingdom come. Everyday, every moment, every time I have to work out perfection. At times, I fail to be perfect but I do not fail not to perfect again.

I believe to keep on and never get tired. Being perfect is a journey with no end because I learn everyday. I stand corrected and live the vision.

A man with a midas touch is a man that everything he touches turns into gold.

Conclusively, the gold in this context is not only about money or fame or business rather it is success – the legacy kept, the people you treat with kindness, the family you lead, the children you brought up well, the wife you love dearly, all that is good to be achieve and above all service to God.

As a man who desires to have a midas touch should always journey into the life of perfection.

“All men can be perfect but not all men are willing to be perfect”

Being perfect is my decision as Mr. Gentleman. So help me God, Amen.

What about you?

Even I, Franklyn Akam desire to be a perfect man. A man with a midas touch. So help me God too, Amen.


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