Life is one big fight

To live is to fight. I don’t mean brutality but believe. When I say life is one big fight, I mean to keep on living the dreams, living the visions despite all odds; never to give up no matter the scars.

In the lyrics of Tatiana Manaios song “life is one big fight” motivates a lot equally.

Of course, they will be challenges on the way of success, they will be discouragements from peers and even families etc., fear will come but never run from your fears for running will never get you anywhere; Rather, let your fears run from you.

These fears never want you to do better, they will let you down if you let them.

Always remember no pain is forever. All the situations you go through, the fights you got into, just remember that God is forever with you.

Life is one big fight everyday and every night. It can be cool, it can be hard, keep fighting never to let down your guard. The battles you go through make you who you are.

Start today to learn how to be proud of your scars.

You might be stressing, it’s okay, they can’t break you down cause your blessings are on the way.

Live on the believe, keep on the fight, live the dream, live the vision, keep up the hard work. Don’t give up. God is forever with you.