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Mr. Gentleman – a man with a midas touch series two titled “who am I?”

Hi, is me again, Mr Gentleman; A name given to me by my father. I am an adult now and I came to know that bearing Gentleman as a name does not qualify me to be gentle nor a man with a midas touch. To be any of these written in italics, I need to work it out and thus I started the preparatory course.

During the moonlight on a wednesday, I sat outside thinking and desiring to be a gentleman, a man that I define to be a man with a midas touch. First of all, I came to understand that being a gentleman is a choice. Men are created but not all ever desire to be a gentleman. This made me to re-surf the meaning of gentleman in the dictionary, a well-bred, well mannered or charming man. Charming is not the only thing that counts because if the charming is negative, is not worth the best. A gentleman should be equip with morals, intellects, good atitude, skills, potentials, entrepreneurial spirit, faith, prayerful life and above all, love. All of these, I thought about and I ask myself, Who am I ?!?.

Seeing the situation in the society where men who wears nice shoes and clothes, tuck in their shirts, put on well fitted suits, financially capacitated, with good looks and speak fluent english are regarded as gentlemen. NO! All of these doesn’t only count. A gentleman is a man I came to understand to be a man of valour. A man with a vision. A man that everything he touches turns into gold.

Now, how can I turn everything I touch into gold? This is what I researched on; To be this very gentleman,

I need to be entrepreneurial.

I need to be a man of faith. A prayer man. A believer (1st John 5:4-5).

I need to be courageous and full of wisdom.

Not to be alcoholic. Not to be a drunk.

I need to be ready to be a better husband and father making sure that my children actualise purpose and my wife happy forever and love her just as Christ loves the church thus leading my family in the way of truth I. E Jesus Christ.

I need to save more and invest most. I need to be smart and as well a role model for all. A man of valour.

Hmm… In deep 💭 thoughts, I wish to be this gentleman, not just as a name but as an accomplishment. I must work to achieve this because I want everything I touch to turn into gold.

I know I’m imperfect but made perfect because of Jesus Christ. I don’t need to be like all men but to be a man of valour; a better man…

With this, I know who I am and where I’m going…


Mr Gentleman.

To be continued in series three