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Mr. Gentleman – a man with a midas touch series one titled “labour day”

Hi, I’m Mr gentleman, and this was how it all started. It was exactly 3:30am on tuesday when I gave my mother a sign; get ready mum, I’m about to come out. She was in labour. She screamed out loud and it shook my father to his wake. My father realising that his wife is in labour, quickly jumped off the bed like a kangaroo, took the car key, raise my mother up, left the bedroom, kept on coddling her and my gentle self was inside smiling and I exclaimed, wow!. I wish they heard me! At this point, my father helped my mother into the car, and he drove out speedily heading to St. James Hospital as if they were chased.

My dear, don’t worry you will be okay soon, we are almost there, just hold on, just hold on, my father said continually as she breathed heavily.

We have arrived! My father said.

You reading this will be asking how did I know all of these? but let me ask you, is a foetus not connected to the mother through the umbilical cord?

Hold her gently, lay her easily; the nurses for emergency said. My mother was taken to the labour room. At that moment, I was wondering how my father will be. I could only imagine the looks on his face, the prayers he prayed, the period of displacements he made, the number of times he sat down, the number of times he was inquisitive with the nurses.

Push! Push!! Push!!! Give me one more push! the doctor said.
How did I know? Lol!

My mother did her best, I could imagine the pains she went through. Kudos to mothers joor and behold I came out crying out like a new born baby I was.

How will I spell the word crying as a sound? Can someone help me please?

I was cleaned, my mother taken care of and my father was informed of the delivery. I felt my dad happiness, he was very excited. Doc, can I see my son and wife? My dad asked. Of course! Replied the doctor. The doctor showed my father into the ward, my father held my hand softly, smiled at me, spoke so sweet to me and I did replied with a cute smile too. Looking at his wife, he said, what a cute baby we have; yeah! Glory to God! My mother praised. Oh yes! Glory to God! My father concurred.

My father walked to his wife and gave her a peck on the cheek. I smiled and said in a still voice, that’s so sweet dad! I wished I could say all of these to their hearing then, that would have been unbelievable. Lol! but it was from within.

To be continued in series two

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Sorry the premiere series is coming out today instead of friday. It was due to some issues but see you next friday.


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