Five Tips for Choosing An Apartment As A Corper

Corper wii!!

Greetings gentlemen corps members.

I write to all passing out corps members from various state orientation camps of NYSC. Take this very serious. It’s also important just as your alawee is importanter. lol!!!!. So let’s take a read on the tips..

Viola!!! …

1. Know your P. P. A

The first thing to do is to know your place of primary assignment (P. P. A). It is very necessary because it helps to save cost of transport to and fro your residence. Never embark on a house search if you don’t have a P.P.A yet. Your P. P. A before house search; and in a house search, rent a house immediate to your P. P. A. For example in Akwa Ibom State where I’m serving, you can’t have your P. P. A in Eket and you are residing at Uyo likewise staying far within the town/city from your P. P. A. Just stay immediate your P. P. A.

2. Type of residence

Don’t choose a residence because of it’s glamour. For example, residence like a housing estate; note that, not all housing estate allows motor bikes or tricycles popularly called Okada and keke respectively into the residence. They are rules in such residence like strictly private cars or taxis. Stay where they are no rules for mobile drive in/out else you have yourself to blame.

3. Security

Please corpers, choose a residence where you are sure of your freedom of movement and security of your life and property. Ask questions before renting an apartment in any area. Your life is very important.

4. Power supply

Dear corpers, don’t reside where power supply is not guaranteed. Also, reside where residents respond to bills payment to avoid black out.

5. Water supply

Choose an apartment where bore holes ain’t far from you or an apartment with water supply in it. Is your choice. Ask questions oo. Is a free world. Ask.

I hope this information is helpful? If you have any tip to suggest, please kindly do so in the comment box below. Do have a wonderful NYSC experience.

Corper wii!!!

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    1. Okay. Nice suggestion. Nearest church or mosque should be considered too. Thanks Felicia Akam for your suggestion. More suggestions please.

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