Forget a relationship, make it a partnership and build an empire

I know you who is reading this right now will be wondering, why am i writing this; but i put this to you, this is the necessary, Forget a relationship, make it a partnership and build an empire. What’s up all this hype of you being in a relationship with no vision. What’s required of that relationship? What’s the purpose? How healthy is it? How strong is the immunity?

What’s better than a relationship? Simple!.. It’s a partnership where both work together to achieve vision. A man with dreams needs a woman with vision, her perspective, faith, support will change his reality. A woman with vision needs a man to key into the vision. Both realise success in this oneness. A relationship based on the ordinary aspect of it doesn’t want to grow. A relationship where greatness is expected; prayers, pressing on the goal and investment are the necessities.

In accountability, being in partnership requires admitting faults, forgiveness, respect, trust, cooperation, support, loyalty, love unconditionally, encourage and above all spiritual connect.

In partnership, hustling together is the beginning to build that empire, praying together opens the way; it is the needful and growing together is the fact to be done.

Don’t just be ordinary, think out of just being in a relationship; be creative in  it. Be healthy and bring out the best version of yourselves. Work the future out. start to show working. Be an emperor and empress for the empire.


Written by Bessing Takim