How He saved me

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A man charge with murder fears death. He bears in mind that be it as it may, he will be sentence to death by the judge’s verdict. The big question here is, will he?

A Creative House of Franklyn production on Good Friday Night 2018 for Franklyn Online TV

Raymond Akam as Ekpenyong (the accused)

Pauline Pius as Barrister Emmanuel (the defense council)

Johnson Udonsi as Barrister lucifer (the prosecuting council)

Victor George as the judge

Eno Umoh as the court clerk

MaryAnn Chinenye as the testifier

Ik Ikip as the Heaven’s witness

Wisdom Ayang as the hell’s witness

Saviour Benjamin as Officer of the law

Shepherd Bukie as extra cast

Written by Franklyn Akam and Pauline Pius

Directed by Franklyn Akam


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