How To Live A Happy And Satisfied Life

written by MaryAnn Chinenye for Online With Franklyn

Hi, as each day passes by, humans wonder how to live a happy and satisfied life but some fail to ask themselves how can this be done???… Most persons spend their time stressed out, worried and on a constant panic about needs to be done for their futures, raising their children, wired up over work or school along with everything else. Does this sound similar? well if it does, it is because so many people live with this style and pattern but I put it to you, you need a self treat… Now comes the question…….

How can one live a happy and satisfied life?

The one way, one can live a happy and satisfied life is to start doing things that makes him/her self happy and self satisfied. Sure, it sounds easy, and can be easy if someone makes this a top self priority – ‘living good’. Too many people neglect themselves, feeling that it would be selfish if they took any time out to focus on their own being; while it is good to take care of others; without knowing that it is as well mandatory and necessary that you never forget about yourself. Discover who you really are and what matters most to you; and live the dream, live the passion, keep the faith, stay focus, live happy, give yourself that glamour and prestige and live well satisfied; knowing that no matter how good you maybe to some persons, they are others that will not appreciate your kindness; they trample on them. They are the dogs.

A happy and satisfied life begins with you. Live it – MaryAnn Chinenye

In as much you are kind to people, think about yourself too. Be self loving, it is very necessary and mandatory. Please know that:

worries can rob you of happiness, but kind words will cheer you up – Proverbs 12 verse 25.

Be of good self cheer… Living good is good business. Invest in your happiness.