What makes you say I can’t do it?

Today, I’m going to be driving your minds to something that is victimizing many persons in the world today and that’s fear. The fear of “I can’t do it”. Many persons are in this trouble but today I really want to ignite with this piece so that they will examine themselves and believe in themselves that they can really do it. Some persons today are suffering from the number one self dream killer which is fear. Fear has overwhelm them to the extent that nothing is possible again; but, I want to ignite such persons with this piece “I can do it”. Believe in yourself to make it because believe begins with


1 John 5:4-5 explains something thus;

“who are those that are victors; those who believe; believing in Jesus Christ. They are the victors. How are they victors? They gain this victory because of their believe; because of their faith”.

So you see believe begins with you

I want to be a medical doctor, I can’t do it; NO! you can do it; kill that fear. I desire to be a graphic artist; I can’t do it; NO! you can do it; kill that fear. I love to paint; design walls with my painting skills but people will mock at me because I’m a painter; what did you say?… people will mock at you because you are a painter? So are you now afraid of what people will say? kill that fear. You can do it. The world await someone’s ability that is so great to build the world; to change the world. The world awaits you with that special skill of yours that will contribute something special to the world. The world await what you will bring… Oh! that comes in the morning. The world awaits what you will bring that they will sleep with at night; it will gladden their heart. The world awaits the revelation of your purpose. The world await you, who is an artiste, a painter, an event planner, a photographer; the world await you, who desire to be an engineer, a nurse, a contractor, a barber, a fashion designer. The world await that special skill. The world await you, who desire to be a champion. You can be a champion. Activate it “I can do it”. You can’t just be a champion overnight; you gat to believe and set your target goals. The world await you where you will stand in the hall of fame as champions. Never look down on your skill in as much as it’s reputable thus not polluting the society. It is very special. Say no to inferiority complex. Kill it.

“Where your treasure is there your heart will be also”

Matthew 6:21

The Bible is not stupid to say this. Where is your treasure? Where does your heart speaks of? Where does your mind drive to? When I mean this, I mean contributing to life in a definite way thus not causing damages. They world await your beginning. Stop keeping the people pending with that treasure of yours. Let the lights in you SHINE…

WHAT IF…! is not a language of champions. I can.. is the language because with God all things are possible. Activate the password today “I can do it through Christ Who Strengthens me” and walk in dominion as a champion.

To activate, they are certain steps to do; two steps. Click on the link below to watch the video “I can do it”. You can start watching the steps from 6:26 minutes. Remember be courageous