Twelve Creative Powers A Creative Person Possesses

Every creative person possess a creative power or more. It is left for he/she to put it into practice to function. Establish your creative power as a creative person. Before I let you know about the creative power(s) a creative person possess(es), let’s know the meaning of creative power. Creative power is

the ability a creative person possess to influence the society in a definite way thus solving a problem, contributing to life positively, establishing the extraordinary from the ordinary; also, making the original out of nothing or making from something to create another thing.

Now, let’s look at the creative power a creative person possess.

  1. Power of Heterogeneity – a creative person has a composition of diverse ways to create.
  2. Power of Influence – a creative person is very influential and this is only based on positivism.
  3. Power of Freedom – a creative person lives not in bondage. A creative person has a free life.
  4. Power of Unstoppable – a creative person does not disbelieve that success is for sure despite challenges. He/she keeps moving on believing in possibilities. He/she is like a moving train. He/she is unstoppable despite challenges. He/she is not weakened by challenges faced in creating an idea, rather believe to be successful. I CAN DO IT is the watchword.
  5. Power of a Boss – a creative person create an enterprise and become a boss therein creating job opportunities.
  6. Power of Blossoming – a creative person blossoms in his/her creative ideas. Fruitfulness is the product.
  7. Power of the Extraordinary – a creative person does something particularly remarkable. Something outstanding. Something mind-boggling. Something that will make someone exclaim WOW!.
  8. Power of Originality – a creative person is a producer of his/her own idea. He/she has the ability to make a brand.
  9. Power to create/re-create – a creative person create a valuable out of nothing and still create out of something already created to produce another valuable.
  10. Power to Conquer – a creative person conquers all odds against his/her creativity and gain victory.
  11. Power to Produce – a creative person does not depend on the produced. He/she process and then produce a brand.
  12. Power to Change – when i mean change. I mean positive change. Change that contribute to life definitely. Change that has nothing to do with deceit, falsity, fraud. Change for the best. A creative person is a World Changer.
Creativity is very essential. We possess it. Use it and let’s make our society a better place. Also as a reminder, creative powers are not meant for dictatorship, theft, debauchery or any ails of societal discharge but creative powers are meant to be used in contributing to the society in a definite way. Creative powers are meant for the creative ones “The Visionaries”.
Believe. Create. Solve A Problem