Four things I discovered in the university


In the world of discovery, it is the process of finding information, a place, or an object, especially for the first time,or the thing that is found. During my programme in the university, i was able to discover four things in the university. Though, the university is a higher institution of learning; And come to think of it, university means ”universal city” where many

persons come from different backgrounds to be in this city for a period of time. But, other things are involve as well. So, in this city not all persons goes to study, some are distracted by certain features and goes astray. Well, it all depends on how you play your card with the joker. I tell you solemnly, if these features – negative and positive (extra curricular activities) blows you away and you become off balance in the weigh; and you don’t get back to the pivot, you are on your way to oblivion.

After listing the four things i discovered,

I will share with you my experience by percentage of these four things when i was in the university.

Now, the discovery…..

  • distractions: Lot of distractions in this city. one can be blown away like dust; if not properly cautioned, hmm… oblivion is certain.
  • stress: Very very certain in this city. even the rich complain too. Money can’t solve this. Only the less serious can beat this one hands down because they aren’t focus.
  • fun: You will agree with me that if is fun? there is so much of it in this city just like been in Sun city. In the university, fun is for sure but it all bent on you how you grade this on the percentage scale.
  • focus: Despite all the discharges in this city, one has to stay focus. Make use of his/her 4 or thereabout academic period in this city creditably well. Have fun, make friends, join good social clubs and good organizations but stay focus. Follow one course until successful (FOCUS). Get rid of distractions and focus on the nucleus – the academic goal. Arrange your personal extra curricular activities to suit your studies in order to achieve success in all of them during your stay in this city.
My experience by percentage

Distractions: 5% – but i didn’t let it destroy my focus because i got back to the pivot. I recovered and followed one course until successful (FOCUS).

Stress: 10% – this was the order of the day and someone like me that hate stress, i had to look for a way to manage it so as not to be negatively influenced by it.

Fun: 20% – i love fun. I love to enjoy myself but i always check myself on the level to get involve and don’t get distracted.

Focus: 65% – This is a B. I followed one course until successful.

In all of these, i still had my fun, belonged to organizations but i placed my fun, organizations i belonged and my academics on a percentage scale.

I call it a scale of preference.

So, place yours too.

Remember not all that glitters are gold.

I dedicate this piece to the students of various universities in the world.

Aluta Continua, Victoria Ascerta

God bless
…Franklyn Akam