Eyeh Wanji

My Mama Told Me Something…
Eyeh is an exclamation basically Nigeria centered that has to do with someone wondering. It is related to the Boki tribe. Wanji is Bokyi – Boki language meaning my child. My mum is always fond of saying this eyeh wanji and the way she use to say it makes me burst into laughter. when she sees what’s not right, the first thing is eyeh wanji before the correction. But the moment she says this eyeh wanji, something rings inside me and I stand corrected.

What am i implying?..

My mama as i always call her told me something that only one person can help me fulfill destiny and his name is Jesus Christ. She said wanji, make Him your Lord and Savior; and you will have nothing to regret about. He will make your way smooth. Serve Him in spirit and in truth, all will be well with you. Ever since i listened to my mama, and made Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior, He has never fail me. Him alone will i serve. This is a testimony. Hallelujah… Somebody here, make Jesus Christ your Lord and Savior, come to Him, surrender totally and you will see the wonders of His Name.

Glory to God Almighty.

Love y’all